Wondercap Tile Shower Drain Outlet

Wondercap Tile Shower Drain Outlet

Suitable for: Products

Size Available: 2"

For shower floor installations and renovations

The Wondercap is a revolutionary fitting designed to stop construction waste entering and blocking waste pipes. Manufactured with an anti-bacterial agent, the Wondercap drainage system provides an accurate, hygienic connection between the waste pipe and strainer while also adding protection.


  • Protective cap
  • Adjustable base
  • 2 part puddle flange


  • Quality finish, free flowing drain with a non-stick, non-stain surface also eliminating bad odours
  • Correct fall to the floor and shower drain hole
  • Achieve accurate screed/bedding levels
  • Protection from construction waste entering the drainage system
  • 100% accurate positioning of strainer over drain hole
  • Active moisture drainage through our patented weep-hole technology
  • Hygienic protection
  • Customer satisfaction
  • A triple seal connection to the drain

Ideal For

  • Tile Shower drains
  • Renovations

The Wondercap will save you time and is the hygienic shower and floor drain solution

No more unpleasant odours caused by construction waste
No more shower outlet leaks
No more blockages
No more rusted bolt connections

The Wondercap is constructed from non-stain polypropylene, and is an environmentally friendly and hygienic product. It is manufactured with an anti-bacterial agent to inhibit the growth of surface bacteria.

Whether you’re building your new home or a performing DIY renovation, make sure you protect your household’s drainage system with The Wondercap.

The Wondercap is ASME 8112.18.2 approved.

Where to Buy


  • Lowe's Lowe's
  • The Home Depot The Home Depot